knowledge about people, work and work environment  

Welcome the researchsite of the Center for People and Buildings (CfPB).

The CfPB is a knowledge center that focuses on the relations between people, work and work environment. The CfPB is involved with the implementation of academic research, product development and knowledge sharing. These activities should result in practical, applicable knowledge and tools.

You are invited to take part in a survey that is being performed with the aid of the ‘werkomgevings-diagnose-instrument" (WODI). This tool is implemented for research on use and experience of the work environment.

By taking part in this research you contribute to providing insight into the current use and experience of your work environment. Based on the results your organisation can improve on the use and management of the work environment if this turns out to be necessary. Your opinion will also contribute to the general scientific knowledge concerning people, work and work environment. Because multiple organisations implement CfPB’s tool, an varied database has been build up. This makes a comparison between your organisation and other organisations possible.

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To start the survey you need to enter your user name and password. Keep in mind that these codes are case-sensitive. We want to emphasise that all survey data will processed completely anonymously.

we would like to thank you for you effort and cooperation.

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